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Vision & Mission

School Counseling Program Vision
Students of La Verne Science and Technology Charter School are healthy, responsible, kind, and empathetic citizens who show respect to themselves and others. Students practice effective coping skills when faced with challenges and use a growth-based mindset to navigate and develop a rewarding journey of collaborative, lifelong learning. Students are self-directed advocates for themselves and their communities, inspired to learn, empowered to achieve, and able to confidently pursue success in the form of their goals and dreams.
School Counseling Program Mission
The La Verne Science and Technology Charter School Counseling Program equitably supports all students in their development within the academic, social/emotional, and college/career domains through a comprehensive school counseling program. We work in collaboration with students, families, teachers, key stakeholders, and the Pomona Unified School District as a whole to guide and empower our diverse student population in their development. Services are developmentally appropriate and preventative to ensure that students receive the highest quality of education and are supported at school as they become responsible and productive citizens of the 21st century. We show our students empathy, dignity, and respect in addressing their needs and abilities, and we encourage our students to treat one another with the same empathy, dignity, and respect.
School Counseling Program Beliefs
  • All students can succeed in school and deserve a safe and supportive learning environment.
  • All students have a right to developmentally appropriate support and education through the school counseling program to ensure that their needs are met in the academic, social-emotional, and college/career domains.
  • The school counseling program supports all students and develops equitable supports to ensure that all students receive the support and resources they need through the interventions developed to support student outcome goals based on demonstrated student needs.
  • The school counseling program promotes student well-being, enhances the learning process, and encourages students to use their abilities to the greatest extent possible. 
  • A comprehensive, data-driven school counseling program best serves students by regularly assessing data related to student outcomes and developing goals to improve outcomes in the academic, social/emotional, and college/career domains.
  • Collaboration with students, families, teachers, staff, and other stakeholders is an essential component of the school counseling program to ensure that students receive high-quality support and services.
  • The American School Counselor Association Ethical Standards guide the school counseling program and inform the decisions made in developing student outcome goals and delivering school counseling services.